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How to repair: Wifi repeater in chains

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Good day. I need to know if it is feasible to use two tp-link wifi chain repeaters. I have a house 30m long. I already have a repeater that I use to give internet in the dining room and kitchen (I have the router in the bedroom. What I want is to give internet to a room that is 30 meters from the router and 15 meters from the first repeater. Can I put another repeater that takes the signal from the first repeater and replicate it? I lose signal? It is not operational?

1 Proposed Solution

Good day. It is best to carry the signal via utp cable and connect via lan. If you need to extend Wi-Fi, a second router can be connected but carrying the wired signal from the first. as I explain in this link .
Cascading repeaters is more economically expensive and does not assure you of an optimal signal. Regards.