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How to repair: A burnt resistor lets in voltage? I have one that

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Hello friends I hope you can help me I have a resistance that I think is burned because when measuring the voltage at one of its ends it gives me 12v and on the other it gives me 0.1v with this I can say that it is burned ??? posdat I don't have a meter ohms I only have voltmeter

3 Proposed Solutions

Hello, a burnt resistor can be seen normally charred, now if it is for damage that is not apparent as I think it should be your case, you can remove the resistance and check for continuity. For more security change the resistance.
  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de ElPapu xd

    I turned on the device and measured one side and the other to see if the voltage passed and the voltage was 0.1 out there, then is it burned?

  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de chester milton

    Good morning Elpapu. that re can indicate that you are measuring a point with common or equal voltage for what it is giving you 0 volt. It is not necessarily burned. The only way to do the test like that. It is taking it out of the circuit, injecting voltage on one side and measuring when it comes out on the other with the voltmeter in series between the source and the resistance free terminal. regards..

You have to see what type of resistance it is and how it is connected and associated with other components
I uploaded photos if you can
If you are on an electronic circuit it may be fine, it indicates where it is connected
the tip where mark 0 can be earth or it may be that it is in series or parallel to another element and therefore indicates 0