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Motor does not turn

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Good I have a Fiat dune 1.6 type that was walking and suddenly a not very loud blow was heard and the engine stopped. The problem is that the donkey does spin the crown but not the engine as if the crown was in the air. If I put some change and start the car moves well ... I would like to know what it can be to be able to take it apart and fix it but with a base. Thank you

3 Proposed Solutions

The p oakma seems serious, because if when putting a change the starter donkey moves the vehicle but does not turn the engine means that the crankshaft may have been cut does the following remove the spark plugs so that it does not have compression and it is easy to turn the engine and don a tube and a lever tries to turn it from the pulley.
Before attempting to move the motor again, check the point of the distribution band, or possible cutting of it.
Good sorry for the delay. The timing band is perfect .. I had to take out the engine and the crankshaft was cut although a credible but it is indeed so. It turns out that it has a steel key that connects the crankshaft to the Corona holder so I will have to make a new engine.
  • 29 days ago

    Avatar de MJGTSAS

    Well in the end it turned out to be what I told you weeks ago, I'm glad that you find the problem, if the engine has no wear you can change the metals of the pistons and of course those of benches and change the crankshaft without removing the pistons.

  • 29 days ago

    Avatar de Guille Sole Saavedra

    If I am already in that .. the good thing is that I will be new because I am going to take out the pistons and I will change the rings, just in case .. thanks for your input ...

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